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Business Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales from the World of Wall Street

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The red pony

A simple tale of a boy’s year on a farm—of learning some good and some bitter faces of life.

A moveable feast

A tale of Hemingway’s early days in Paris. Features his first marriage, poverty, gambling, writing struggles, Jill Stein, F. Scott Fitzgerald (and Zelda), La closerie des lilas, the route to take when you are hungry and penniless in Paris, skiing in Austrian alps, tips on writing (or working)… and more.
Yep, I enjoyed it.

Notes, quotes & links

On the road

Fast, breathless, always moving…
I never connected with the characters. I understood term. I may have even known some Sals and Deans. But I just couldn’t connect with them, as people.

Yet, I enjoyed the writing.
Enjoyed the vividness of the scenes.
Enjoyed discovering a subculture of 7 decades ago.
Even, at times, enjoyed the wild wanderings of minds constantly high of mj, insomnia and youth.

Not bad for a book I picked up by mistake.

Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises