Quenton Cassidy settling into the life of a successful lawyer in South Florida. Quenton Cassidy returning to running training for one last shot at glory. It’s a book of two halves. I read it for the latter, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn’t know or care much about the first, which is written OK but too long for its relevance.

No one writes about training as well as John.
No one can write about the race as well as John.
Most of the book was an average 5 or 6. But the chapters with training and races again hit it out of the park. A decent 8 overall from me. Not as good as the 11 for ‘Once a runner’, but fairly good nonetheless. (Everything on a 10 point scale)

John/Quenton takes a jab at Hemmingway in the book. I wish he’d taken some inspiration from Hemingway — cut the first section shorter, used shorter sentences and simpler words. Would’ve made the book more accessible to many more than the running-crazy.