29 Jul 2014: v0.6.0.2

  • Update: Set timer to periodically update exchange rates -- every 6 hours
  • Bug Fix: New currency rates weren't being downloaded due to bug in code removing multiple downloads
  • Bug Fix: Potential errors could be caused by currencyRegex message reaching page before lsVars gets updated
  • Bug Fix: Option page not opening on new installs

26 Jul 2014: v0.5.5.6

Bitcoin rate conversion + Colour & Highlight Options

  • New Feature: Added Bitcoin conversion
  • New Feature: Added colour highlight option for currencies - default is still gray
  • New Feature: Added additional highlight options for units - dashed, along with current rounded & none
  • Bug Fix: Currency rates were fetched multiple times on extension start, reduced to single fetch
  • Bug Fix: Multiple bug fixes - seems to be working on Amazon.com again

23 Jul 2014: v0.5.4.1

Sync Settings

  • New Feature: Sync settings across all browsers/computers using same Google login.
  • Bug Fix: Unit squares and cubes (area/volume) converting as singular (length)
  • Update: Add options page for Time Zone conversion - disabled, for now

4 Jul 2014: v0.5.2.2

  • Update: Option under Advanced Settings to enable/disable conversion from context (right-click) menu.
  • Bug Fix: Conversion from context menu was 'eating' text if no convertable bits were found.

3 Jun 2014: v0.5.2.0

Right click to convert

  • New Feature: Select and right click any value to convert - works on whitelisted pages, and in 'off' state too.
    • The selected text has to be part of a contiguous text area, not broken by links, buttons, images, or other html code.
    • You can also select a long portion of text, to convert all (convertable) values within it.
  • Update: In my testing, the extension now works on Amazon pages as well. Still, leaving Amazon in whitelist till more testing is done.

3 Jun 2014: v0.5.1.4

  • New Feature: Add keyboard shortcuts to switch conversion on/off. Default shortcut: Ctrl + Comma
  • Update: Upgrade notifications to new chrome.notifications instead of older, being removed, webkitNotifications
  • Update: Clean-up on disable / uninstall (html markup still remains, but so does CSS which formats it cleanly)
  • Update: Changed currency rates credit from Google to Yahoo

12 May 2014: v0.5.1.3

  • Update: Add 'amazon.*' to whitelist to prevent extension from running (and freezing) Amazon pages.
  • Update: Change utm_medium to 'referral' for links from extension to c306.
  • Update: Add analytics to keyword whitelisting.
  • Update: Add utm links to all outbound links from extension.

15 Apr 2014: v0.5.1.1

  • New Feature: Convert fractions written in unicode symbols. Currently converting: ¼, ½, ¾, ⅐, ⅑, ⅒, ⅓, ⅔, ⅕, ⅖, ⅗, ⅘, ⅙, ⅚, ⅛, ⅜, ⅝, ⅞.
  • Bug Fix: Currency symbols after value did not convert, only currency names/codes did.
    • Solution: Replaced \b at end of currency regex with custom regex ($|[\s-_\.,'"!\\?&%:;+]+). Might need improvement over time to ensure all non-word charachters (![a-zA-Z0-9_]) are captured.
  • Bug Fix: Inch/Feet units preceding non-Inch/Feet units in same node were not being converted.
  • 'Show conversion rate for unit conversions', first introduced in ver, is now 'On' by default. Switch it off in Options -> Advanced Settings

13 Apr 2014: v0.5.1.0

  • Bug Fix: Mn/Bn/M/B/Million/Billion suffixes were 'lost' during conversion, after update ver
  • Update: Complete clean-up of tags on switch-off from browser button.

12 Apr 2014: v0.5.0.12

  • New Unit: Unit for Torque - lb·ft to N·m.
  • Bug Fix: Convert lb-ft and lb·ft as torque, not mass when Torque conversion is enabled.

11 Apr 2014: v0.5.0.11

  • Update: Also convert when currency unit is placed after currency, not just in front (e.g. 500 € as well as €500).
    • If a currency has numbers both before and after, only the number after is converted.

10 Apr 2014: v0.5.0.9

  • Bug Fix: Didn't convert as negative number when − (−) was used instead of dash (-).
  • Bug Fix: Modified regex to capture +/- signs when at beginning of a node.

26 Mar 2014: v0.5.0.8

New: Option to 'Show conversion rate' for unit conversions in conversion bubble.

  • New Feature: Added option to 'Show conversion rate' for unit conversions in conversion bubble.
    • Change preference in Options -> Advanced Settings
  • Bug Fix: Pre-pattern space was not correctly handled for feet-inch units and currencies.
  • Bug Fix: Switching from 'Show Original' to 'Show Converted' displayed all units as undefined.
  • Bug Fix: Changing noReplace removed unit rate in conversion card till page was refreshed.
  • Updated: Inserted spaces between values and units in currency popup.

20 Mar 2014: v0.5.0.6

New: Option to use browser-default ToolTips, instead of autoConvert spans.

  • New Feature: Option to use browser-default ToolTips, instead of spans.
    • Change preference in Options -> Advanced Settings
  • Bug Fix: Leading space is included in unit conversion, causing space to be lost when replacement is on.
  • Bug Fix: Trailing space is included in currency conversion, causing space to be lost when replacement is on.
  • Bug Fix: Feet to Metres, instead of to metre. Same for Inches to Centimetres
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect post-decimal conversion due to intermiate conversion into scientific notation (e.g. 1.34521e-7)
  • Bug Fix: Inserting   (\u00A0) instead of plain space to prevent browsers gobbling up spaces between 2 consecutive conversions.
  • Bug Fix: All units placed before a curr inside a single html element node were ignored.

13 Mar 2014: v0.5.0.4

  • Bug Fix: Fix all currencies with unicode charachters used in symbol. Fixed: E£, LE, ₺, kn, ₩ , ₩, ₪, zł, złoty, ₱, Kč, ฿
  • Bug Fix: When highlightColour is off, don't change font colour.
  • Bug Fix: Rounded highlights had stopped working since move from .rounded to .acrounded.
  • Updated: Changelog highlights all changes since version upgrading from.

28 Feb 2014: v0.5.0.3

  • New Currency: Add Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD, K.D., KD)
  • New Unit: meter == metre, and litre == liter, sqft = sq ft, yrds & yds == yards
  • Add Netflix.com to whitelisted domains
  • Add default whitelisted domains to all upgrading clients.
  • Bug Fix: Polish Zloti doesn't work when used as 'z\u0142'

27 Feb 2014: v0.5.0.2

  • Bug Fix: Rounding error due to float versus int handling in javascript.
  • Bug Fix: Adding trailing zeros, post-Decimal to maintain minimum decimal places.
  • Bug Fix: Rounding error when post-decimal round-up results in non-decimal integer.

26 Feb 2014: v0.5.0.1

  • New Currency: Added Swiss Franc (CHF, SFr)
  • Bug Fix: 1" converts to 2.54 cm, in stead of 2 cm (minimum 2 post-decimal digits, if in conversion - implemented for inches and feet too).
  • Bug Fix: Single digit conversions use rounding instead of just cutting post-decimal digits off.

25 Feb 2014: v0.5.0.0

  • Bug Fix: Changed class name from '.rounded' to '.acrounded' to avoid confusion with sites like Indiegogo
  • Bug Fix: Moved chrome.extension.setUninstallURI(...) inside install/upgrade boxes
  • Bug Fix: Added ab19.jpg for options.html
  • Bug Fix: Negative Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion.

09 Feb 2014: v0.4.0.5

Currency conversion working again!

  • Switched from Google's (now expired) currency conversion URL to Yahoo APIs.
  • New Currency: Added Swedish Krona (SEK)
  • Bug Fix: Resolved update notifications bug.
  • Added: Set uninstall URL.

29 May 2013: v0.4.0.3

Added option to convert only to pounds, instead of stones, then pounds.

  • New: Added option to convert weight directly to Pounds (lb) instead of Stones (st), for US-based users.
    • Under 'Advanced Settings', select the option 'Convert weight directly to Pounds (Lb) instead of Stones (St).'
  • Bug Fix: Removed leading whitespace from getting included in highlights.
  • Bug Fix: When using 'noreplace' option, original value was sometimes stored as NaN error
  • Bug Fix: On/Off Browser button not working.

26 Mar 2013: v0.3.3.2

Update: Removed currency/unit survey form.

  • Update: Removed currency/unit survey form.
  • New Feature: Browser action icon changes to show error symbol when home currency rate is unavailable.
  • New Feature: Browser action icon changes to show barred symbol when current page is whitelisted.
  • Added docs.google.com, https:// pages to default whitelist.

12 Dec 2012: v0.3.1.0

Whitelisted pages, domain-TLD specific $ conversion.

  • New Feature: ' $' symbol now converts based on current webpage's domain. So, e.g. $500 on abank.co.sg will convert as Singapore Dollar, in stead of US Dollar.
  • New Feature: Added beta support for whitelisting pages and domains. No conversion will be carried out on these pages. Useful for banking websites and google spreadsheets.
  • New Feature: Added 'No Highlight' option for currency conversion
  • New Feature: Browser button badge changes colour to signify extension state

28 Sep 2012: v0.3.0.3

  • New Currencies: Added support for 50 more currencies, hidden under 'Other Currency' option while being tested

25 Sep 2012: v0.3.0.2

  • New Feature: Added 'Do Not Convert' as an option on currencies page (Apologies for not including this by default)
  • New Feature: Disabled conversion for currencies for which exchange rate unavailable
  • Bug Fix: 'Replace Currency' flag is disabled by default

19 Sep 2012: v0.3.0.1

Added Currency conversion

  • New Feature: Added Currency Conversion (in beta)
  • Update: Added support for dash-separated units by dash (e.g. '4-inch')
  • Bug Fix: Resolved several smaller bugs
  • Potentially introduced a few new bugs (It's a big update so there's a good chance)

04 Sep 2012: v0.2.8.2

  • Update: Improved the options page interface.

14 Aug 2012: v0.2.7.1

  • Update: Refactored code for internationalisation - addition of other languages support in future versions.

04 Aug 2012: v0.2.6.6

  • Bug Fix: Selectors in 'Experimental Tab' converted to regular check boxes, to reduce user confusion
  • Update: Intial unit system now set to Imperial for users when browser locale set to UK or US
  • Update: Changes to update notifications - don't show on minor updates

02 Aug 2012: v0.2.6.3

  • Update: Small improvements to unit conversion and tracking

24 Jul 2012: v0.2.6.2

  • Update: Added support for conversion of combined feet & inches (e.g. 5 ft 10 inches) as single unit
  • Update: Added support for conversion of quotes (' & ") as feet & inches. Disabled by default, enable under 'Experimental'
  • Update: Updated extention to Manifest Ver 2, the new, more secure standard for Chrome Apps
  • Update: Added new, visually improved highlight system. Disabled by default, enable under 'Highlight Colours'
  • Update: Added new notifications for extension updates
  • Bug Fix: Removed bugs from experimental features for disabling conversion of 'in' as inches

08 Jun 2012: v0.2.5.3

  • New Feature: Added support for converting between mpg and km/l.
  • Update: Added some supplimentary units, e.g. 'mi' to be treated as 'miles'.

29 May 2012: v0.2.5.1

  • Update: Target unit and value now based on digits before and after the decimal.
  • Update: Small cosmetic changes to options page.

05 Apr 2012: v0.2.4.0

  • New Feature: Added support for temperature conversion - Celsius & Farenheit.

08 Mar 2012: v0.2.3.3

  • Bug Fix: Corrected conversion of mixed fraction values.
  • Bug Fix: Corrected for the special case of numeral 1 followed by 'st' - now treated as 'first', not '1 stone'.
  • Update: Added silent upgrades - Options window opens only on major upgrades and when changes to Options page are done.

07 Mar 2012: v0.2.3.2

  • Bug Fix: Resolved issues with conversion of values with no space between number and units.
  • Bug Fix: When using Metric, 'mph' now converts to 'km/h' in stead of 'kmph'.

06 Mar 2012: v0.2.3.1

  • New Feature: Added Custom Units - users can now select a mix of metric and imperial unit combinations.
  • New Feature: Redesigned the options page to make more options visible.
  • Update: Disabled conversion of 'to' to 'tonnes' and ' & " to feet and inches by default.
  • Update: For new installations, the default behaviour is now not to replace any values on web page but provide converted values on hover. This can be changed from 'Replacement Behaviour' option menu.

29 Feb 2012: v0.2.2.4

  • Bug Fix: Resolved issues with proper conversions of fractions.
  • Bug Fix: Resolved issues with proper conversions of negative values.
  • Update: For new installations, default setting now is to keep original value on web page and conversion on hover.

18 Feb 2012: v0.2.2.3

  • Update: Analytics introduced on browser button and options page buttons to check which options being used.

17 Feb 2012: v0.2.2.2

  • Bug Fix: 'in' replacement dialog activated.
  • Bug Fix: Text colour in highlighted section changed to black to avoid light-on-light visibility issues.

17 Feb 2012: v0.2.2.1

  • New Feature: Added option to keep original values on page; converted values will be available on hovering on the highlighted text.
  • New Feature: Added option to disable replacement of 'in' as a unit; using 'in' as shorthand for 'inch' was causing improper substition in certain cases due to its use as a preposition.
  • Update: Disabled conversion of units when number is preceded by a currency sign. Currently testing $, £, ¥, €, ₹, USD, AUD, GBP, JPY, EUR, INR, CNY; more to be added if no adverse feedback.

15 Feb 2012: v0.2.1.0

  • Update: Beta versions merged.
  • Update: Published on Chrome Web Store.