WordPress is the world’s largest content management and publishing software. It is great for content management but lacks integrated content monetisation. This works for the core CMS software.

WordPress.com is a publishing platform that packages the best of WordPress ecosystem as an integrated offering. Lack of content monetisation is a big feature gap for the world’s largest independent publishing platform.

I suggest we close this gap. Here’s some suggestions:

  • Integrate a strong suite of monetisation features directly into Jetpack (Why Jetpack)

    • Payment processing
    • Integrated paywall
    • Content subscriptions
    • One-time payments
    • Integrated eCommerce stores
  • Make the monetisation options available to all users, including free plans.

    • Use progressive fee pricing to align Automattic earnings to Publisher revenues.
      (I will cover the details of the progressive fee structure for transactions in the next note)
  • Make ‘Earning’ a top level menu item in the WordPress.com publisher interface.

Top level Earn menu

1. Top level ‘Earn’ menu


  • Make ‘Earn’ a top level menu item within the side bar for all WordPress.com users
  • Showcase all integrated earning options as direct sub-items:
    1. eCommerce store
    2. Content subscriptions with paywall (Stratechery model)
    3. Gifts & donations (Guardian/Patreon model)


  • Invite publishers to integrate earning features by making them visible at the top level.
  • High-visibility of monetisation features also communicates the importance of these integrations to internal product team. This helps us invest in making them successful.

2. Integrated click-and-use Paywalls


  • Provide built-in paywall functionality to allow publishers to manage content access
  • Develop paywall functionality within Jetpack so it is available to all self-hosted and WordPress.com websites
  • Provide an API for pay-wall integration with third-party payment and identity providers


  • Make it easy for publishers to manage content access from a single interface
  • Use the power of defaults to get more publishers to integrate content monetisation through WordPress.com/Jetpack

Next steps

Provide advanced content control features for additional fees. For instance:

‘Read X free items per month’ controls on content (The Economist model)

  • Publishers can control which X items are available free for unsigned-in users
  • Signed-in readers on publisher website (and in Reader) can read any X posts before paying

3. Integrated payment processing


  • Partner with payment providers to provide integrated payments processing for publishers
    • Periodic subscriptions, for content or donations
    • One-time payments, for content, donations or purchases
  • Integrate into Jetpack to bring it to all self-hosted websites, WordPress.com websites, and WooHoo.com stores
  • Transparently integrate with monetisation features within Jetpack—eCommerce, paywall, subscriptions and donations
  • Provide an API for integration into other identity or fulfilment providers

Ideally pick a payment provider that provides best seller-friendly features and reach (geography, accepted payment options), rather than one that provides Automattic good rates.
Rates can be renegotiated once the initiative succeeds, reputation is harder to rebuild.

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