Bike1 Run Swim
2015: 1612 km
2014: 1466 km
2013: 2328 km
2012: 2111 km
2011: 3796 km
2010: 2267 km
2015: 1035 km
2014: 579 km
2013: 542 km
2012: 97 km
2015: 9.1 km
2014: 9.1 km
2013: 18 km

Main planned events for 2015:

  1.  Wokingham Half Marathon (8 Feb) – 1:44:27 PB :)  <<< Key target event
  2.  Hell of the Ashdown (22 Feb)
  3.  Mudman Trail 10K (7 Mar)
  4.  Leith Hill Octopus (15 Mar)
  5.  Fred Whitton Challenge (10 May) <<< Key target event
  6.  Dragon Ride Gran Fondo (7 June) <<< Key target event
  7. Steel Man Olympic-distance Triathlon (? July)
  8.  Down tow up flow, Marlow-Windsor Half Marathon (26 July) – 1:49:25
  9.  Farnham Pilgrim Marathon (13 Sep) <<< Key target event
  10. Gosport Half Marathon (15 Nov)
  11. Hogs Back Road Race (6 Dec)

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Middlering Miscellaneous

Salomon XR Shift - Side
New Shoes: Salomon XR Shift

First up: I’ve got new shoes!

… and I don’t love them.

After running through my last pair of Brooks Ghosts in just 9 months, I didn’t want to spend another £100 on a new pair. With winter approaching, more of my regular paths will be turning to trail anyway, so decided to get a budget trail pair this time. Non-available sizes in my preferred model, and unreliability of some store brands meant I ended up buying these – Salomon XR Shift. Not the best shoes I’ve tried or run in, but at least I like the colour ;) Continue reading “Middlering Miscellaneous”

Middlering Miscellaneous

The perfect swim

Day of swimming around Dubovica, Hvar

In a pool there is little to see; swimming in open water tears away the blinkers, and suddenly you have a world of visual stimulus, just as you do when out on your bike or running through the countryside.

The perfect swim anywhere you could choose would be in a tropical sea, from beach out to an island and back, looking down as you stroke to see stingrays. Swimming there, surrounded by fish, warm salt water keeping you buoyant, you are alone with your thoughts yet entirely happy with them. There is nothing to compare with that.

— Alastair Brownlee, in Swim, Bike, Run: Our Triathlon Story by Brownlee, Alistair; Brownlee, Jonathan

After 4 days of heavenly swimming around islands in the warm Mediterranean, I’m dreading going back to swim in the pool at Surrey sports park. Couldn’t agree more with you, Al!

The perfect swim

Down Tow Up Flow Half Marathon

DTUF Route
DTUF Route – Marlow to Windsor, mostly on muddy towpath

Ran my 2nd Half, and only the fourth 10 mile+ run, of the year on 26th July, at Down Tow Up Flow (DTUF) half marathon. Raghs had discovered this race, and when she decided not to run it, I signed up instead1.

DTUF is a point to point race, run on the Thames towpath between Marlow and Windsor. The route alternates each year between Down-Tow (Marlow-Windsor) and Up-Flow (Windsor-Marlow). This year it was running as the river flows, from Marlow to Windsor.

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Down Tow Up Flow Half Marathon

Broken streak

A 12 day streak of S&C exercises – squats, bridges, donkey kicks, plank, RDLs, hamstring & calf stretches – got broken today. I’m, surprisingly, too upset about it. Way more than I should be.

Way more upset about this broken streak than about missing the weekend long run, which I plan to catch up on Monday evening anyway.



Run like a tourist – Exmoor coast edition

Edinburgh was the best place to get started on ‘running as a tourist’, and now Exmoor coast provided the next opportunity.

We had rented a large house for a long weekend, and drove in on Thursday after work to make most of the 3 days. Despite late arrival, the night was spent drinking and playing games, and the sky was already turning bright by the time I went to bed. Running was no where on the cards.

View from 200m above our window
View from 200m above our window

Yet, when I woke up 4 hours later, and saw the view from our window, I knew what I had to do. Running vest, shorts, water belt, shoes on, and off we went – I and my best running buddy, Chewie.

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Run like a tourist – Exmoor coast edition

Thank you, Girish!

The bike
It all started with this bike (the green one in front)

21 February 2010

I rode the 12Km Bandra ‘cyclothon‘ – an organised ride, on closed roads, through streets of Bandra.

I didn’t own a cycle back then. I hadn’t even thought of riding that cyclothon, let alone going and buying myself a cycle. The idea was all Girish‘s, supported by MehulAmit and a few others on twitter1. We signed up – Raghi borrowed a bike from her friend, Simran, and Girish offered to lend me one of his old bikes.

We, Girish and I, didn’t know each other that well back then. We may have met once or twice, and had chatted on twitter for 6 months or so. And despite just that feeble connection, he didn’t just encourage us to sign up for the event, but also offered to lend his bike.

I loved the cyclothon. It was just 12 Km, mostly through narrow, potholed streets of Bandra. Yet, I thoroughly enjoyed it (as did Raghi, I suspect). It’d been 9 years since I’d last ridden a (my) cycle, and that small event brought back flood of memories of cycling.

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Thank you, Girish!

Run like a tourist – Edinburgh edition

My Edinburgh run route in red, half marathon route in green
My Edinburgh run route in red, half marathon route in green

Running while on a vacation has been high on my plans ever since I finished the couch-to-5K program in early 2013. I’ve carried along my running shoes to 2 Lake District vacations, one vacation in Scotland, and on 2 trips to India. Yet, for various reasons – primarily because I became overwhelmingly lazy once on vacation – I never got running, and the shoes came back unsoiled.

Edinburgh, my favourite city in the UK outside London, was just the perfect place to finally get started.

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Run like a tourist – Edinburgh edition

Shit and Run


Of all the blogs and books that I’ve read about running – and I read an unhealthy amount – no one ever talks about this one thing – shitting on a run.

If we were to go by books, blogs and public discussions, it’d seem this just doesn’t happen. Ever.

Yet, I’ve heard people softly admitting about having to do it. I know people who’ve done it, and lived to tell about it. And, for the first time, on a 20K off-road run last Saturday, I had to do it. Since, no one else publicly writes about it, I am.

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Shit and Run


Weight has gone from 75.4kg in late April, to 80.1kg today. 5kg up in 2 months.

Total running distance for May and June, combined, is less than that for any one of the previous four months!

Last week was the first one this year with zero activity, of any kind – running, cycling, swimming, spinning or gym work.

Time to declare this the bottom, so the only way is up.